ArchiCAD 30 Years Anniversary
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ArchiCAD 18

The theme of ArchiCAD 18 is ‘Join the Creative Flow’. ArchiCAD 18 offers a streamlined workflow solution, keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible. The integration of CineRender, MAXON’s world-class CINEMA 4D rendering engine into ArchiCAD 18, brings high quality, photo-realistic rendering images closer to a much wider range of designers.

GRAPHISOFT introduces BIMcloud

ArchiCAD 18 offers industry-first, real-time BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location or set-up of the collaborating team. GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud Solution goes far beyond basic cloud services offerings available on the market today. It is an all-round cloud-based collaboration solution providing the complete software layer necessary for deployment on premises as a private cloud solution or in the public cloud as a cloud service.

COBie Challenge

GRAPHISOFT successfully completed the buildingSMART alliance Challenge in the COBie Design and Construction Documents Category with zero errors. ArchiCAD produced COBie data that matched the information found in the equivalent design drawings and schedules, and correctly exported the data as required by the COBie Challenge. When users receive a COBie (IFC) file exported from ArchiCAD, they will not have to spend any time correcting it. Support for COBie is important in the US as well as in the UK and all other English-speaking countries.

IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import and Export Certification

ArchiCAD was the first architectural software certified for both the IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import and Export. The Coordination View is currently the most widely implemented view of the IFC scheme. The main purpose is to allow sharing of building information models among the disciplines of architecture, structural engineering, and building services (mechanical). The IFC2x3 Coordination View is the built-in and default standard supported by ArchiCAD.

BIMx wins “Mobile Technology of the Year” Award

GRAPHISOFT’s BIMx for ArchiCAD wins the prestigious “Mobile Technology of the Year” award at the eighth annual Construction Computing Magazine Awards in the United Kingdom. This is the second year in a row that BIMx has been honored by readers and users with this award.

ArchiCAD 17

“BIM Lives in the Details” is the main theme of ArchiCAD 17. ArchiCAD 17 contained significant enhancements and additions that simplified the modeling and documentation of buildings even when the model contains an unprecedented level of detail. ArchiCAD’s end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live till the very end of the project. ArchiCAD 17 delivered improvements including an improved MORPH Tool, inclusion of fully-functional BIMx in every installation, and improved Energy Evaluation.

GRAPHISOFT Mexico opens in Mexico City

GRAPHISOFT Mexico opens in Mexico City serving as the sales, marketing and services hub of the Latin American region, as part of the strategic market development plan to grow sales of ArchiCAD in Central and South America. Mexico, boasting the highest penetration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) among the countries of Latin and South America, is optimally situated to become the central hub for all Spanish-speaking Central and South American countries.

A coffee moment

Localizing and supporting a local coffee bar initiative using ArchiCAD 16 — art and joy! This coffee bar was a collaborative initiative designed and built out of the office in Durban, RSA.

shawnBhopkins, South Africa

“I need latest archicad because that is what is given me daily bread.”

Jimoh Yekini, Nigeria

ArchiCAD Training Center opens in Baguio City

As a third world country, the Philippines has not been as quick to adapt to technological innovations as in the West. In the Philippine AEC industry, a majority of architects still use 2D CAD for documentation and 3D CAD for presentations. Azure Linea Group took it upon itself to introduce local architects and designers to BIM. With help from VNix Philippines, Azure Linea Group started to holding ArchiCAD training classes to share BIM with their colleagues and peers. The training center in Baguio City is helping architects in the Philippines make the transition to BIM using ArchiCAD.

Construction Computing Awards “BIM Product of the Year”

ArchiCAD 16 wins three prestigious awards at the seventh annual Construction Computing Magazine Awards. In addition to the main category of “Product of the Year,” GRAPHISOFT also won awards for “BIM Product of the Year” for ArchiCAD 16, and “Mobile Product of the Year” for BIMx; the company was also runner up for the “Environmental Project of the Year.”

Architosh “Best of AIA Show” Award for ArchiCAD 16

ArchiCAD 16 wins in the desktop category of Architosh’s “Best of Show” awards. “ArchiCAD 16 introduces powerful, new direct-modeling technology, and explicit modeling has been clearly identified in BIM market research as a need…(and) the integration of GRAPHISOFT’s EcoDesigner into ArchiCAD 16 encourages architects to design buildings with the environment in mind.”

GRAPHISOFT Beijing office opens

GRAPHISOFT Beijing Rep. Office opens in February. The firm’s Beijing office is instrumental in implementing BIM in large-scale architecture and design projects and committed to growing the ArchiCAD market throughout China.

Seleccionado para aparecer en calendario graphisoft

Selección de imagen de proyecto de final de carrera para aparecer en calendario Graphisoft 2012 + portada de instalación de software. Selection of graduation project image to be published in Graphisoft’s 2012 calendar plus cover page of installation software.

Fernando Sánchez Mejías, Chile

Steve Jobs statue unveiled

Commissioned by GRAPHISOFT Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gábor Bojár, the statue is the first in the world honoring the late founder of Apple, who died in October, 2011. Crafted by Hungarian sculptor Ernő Tóth, the life-like bronze statue stands near the entrance of ArchiCAD software maker GRAPHISOFT’s Budapest headquarters.

GRAPHISOFT Singapore opens

GRAPHISOFT Singapore opens; specializing in computer aided architectural design and Building Information Modeling, the Singapore office also offers consultancy, training, and development of products customized for ArchiCAD.

GRAPHISOFT Hong Kong Ltd. opens

GRAPHISOFT Hong Kong Ltd. opens, and serves as the hub of GRAPHISOFT’s activities throughout Asia. GRAPHISOFT is committed to leading and shaping the future of BIM in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

ArchiCAD 14

The main theme of ArchiCAD 14 is “Open Design Collaboration”. ArchiCAD 14 turned IFC technology into full-fledged workflow solutions enabling collaboration with engineers regardless of their discipline or the name and version of the application they prefer working with. This “open” approach to interdisciplinary collaboration greatly broadens designers’ options for real Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) resulting in faster delivered projects and significantly less coordination errors.

EcoDesigner is “Environmental Product of the Year”

GRAPHISOFT wins the “Environmental Product of the Year” award for its EcoDesigner product at the annual Construction Computing Magazine awards. “The Hammers” are widely regarded as the industry’s leading accolade. ArchiCAD’s EcoDesigner enables architects to evaluate alternatives based on energy consumption, carbon footprint and monthly energy balance.

ArchiCAD 13

The main new feature of ArchiCAD 13 was “Next Generation Teamwork” or “Teamwork 2.0,” representing an entirely new approach to collaborative project work, specifically designed to meet the demands of a modern, international team effort. The BIM Server’s Delta Server™ technology significantly reduced network traffic for data exchange, making it possible for design teams to work on the same project remotely over the Internet. ArchiCAD 13 was the first version to have a 64-bit version on PC.

ArchiCAD 12

The main theme for ArchiCAD 12 was “Accelerating the design experience.” ArchiCAD 12 brought us the Curtain Wall tool; it was also the first ArchiCAD version to support Multiprocessing. Multi-core processors become the recommended and standard platform for higher performance computing. In addition to the raw speed improvements that contributed to a user’s bottom line, the improved feeling of responsiveness contributed to an overall better design environment in which to work.

ArchiCAD Passes IFC 2×3 Certification

ArchiCAD passes the IFC 2×3 certification at the IAI’s (Industry Alliance for Interoperability) certification workshop held mid-March in Waltham, Massachusetts. Here, János Maros and Gyula Kiss, lead IFC developers, work on developing ArchiCAD to make it one of the first, IFC-certified BIM applications in the world.

GRAPHISOFT is acquired by Nemetschek

GRAPHISOFT is acquired by the Nemetschek Group. Nemetschek is a globally leading software provider for the architecture, engineering, construction and management market (AECM). Headquartered in Munich, Germany, with its 12 brands, including GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD, it today serves more than 1.2 million users in 142 countries from more than 40 locations worldwide.

Gábor Bojár wins Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award

Gábor Bojár wins the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award, recognized by the jury for his outstanding principles, his innovative, people-focused corporate culture and for his social responsibility. Bojár, who founded GRAPHISOFT, maker of ArchiCAD, was chosen from among entrepreneurs whose personality and activities had influenced the economy and wider society, beyond the success of their own businesses.

ArchiCAD 11

ArchiCAD 11 let users coordinate the project through any views of the Virtual Building. This version offered a gradual transition to BIM for 2D CAD-based firms. Users could continue working in their traditional 2D environment using the “virtual tracing paper” to help coordinate the drawings. All users could enjoy the possibility to choose the extent to which they detailed the 3D model and above which they used the new 2D features.

ArchiCAD 10

ArchiCAD 10/IntelMac was the first version developed for Intel-based Mac. ArchiCAD 10 offered an unprecedented level of design freedom while staying within the Virtual Building framework of generating 3D geometry, quantity calculations and drawings. ArchiCAD® 10 won a highly coveted spot on Cadalyst’s 2006 All-Star Award roster. The award recognizes products reviewed by the Cadalyst Lab Reviews Editors that truly standout as exceptional products among those that earned Highly Recommended ratings.

ArchiCAD 9 is Cadalyst “All-Star Award” winner

ArchiCAD® 9 receives the 2005 All-Star Award from Cadalyst Magazine. This Award recognizes the top products and salutes the best of the best – the most outstanding among all products that earned the Five-Star Highly Recommended rating from Cadalyst Labs.

Gábor Bojár publishes “The GRAPHISOFT story”

Gábor Bojár publishes “The GRAPHISOFT story, Hungarian perestroika from an entrepreneur’s perspective.” Far from a typical case study of business sucess, the GRAPHISOFT story has universal appeal. Published in both Hungarian and English, Bojár’s colorful and often humorous anecdotes give us a glimpse of how ArchiCAD became the leading architectural software solution worldwide.

ArchiCAD 9

ArchiCAD 9 delivered new and enriched capabilities designed to help users compete for business more effectively and boost business efficiency. The enhancements reinforced ArchiCAD as an exceptionally powerful design tool for firms, large and small, worldwide. With increased ease-of-use and enhanced features for greater productivity than ever before, ArchiCAD 9 represented the most comprehensive Virtual Building™ solution for the architectural profession.

ArchiCAD 8.1

Capitalizing on the award-winning ArchiCAD 8 platform, GRAPHISOFT launches ArchiCAD 8.1; enhanced drawing quality and productivity, streamlined connectivity and refined usability and workflow was a boost to business efficiency for all users. These refinements made the entire package an exceptionally attractive design and documentation tool for all practices and project sizes.

GRAPHISOFT sponsors World Congress of Architecture

Celebrating 20 years’ commitment to architects with its flagship product, ArchiCAD, GRAPHISOFT is the main sponsor of the XXI. World Congress of Architecture in Berlin. Gábor Bojár, Chairman of GRAPHISOFT and one of the distinguished speakers at the congress, presented “Space and Identity.”

ArchiCAD 8

Sporting a streamlined interface, ArchiCAD 8 provided an even more efficient tool for architects with improved navigation and document management, increased application speed and essential developments in 2D drafting. ArchiCAD 8 gave architects easy and instant access to all documents stored in the project file. Additionally, documents could easily be distributed to the local network, printer, or even to a web-based FTP server.

ArchiCAD 7.0

ArchiCAD 7.0 introduced the next generation of Web-based design collaboration with an integrated solution: Project XChange. As a powerful extension of ArchiCAD’s TeamWork functionality, ProjectXChange introduced a seamless approach to managing project workflow and manufacturers’ objects via the Web. Using a trio of ProjectXChange tools – Publisher, Reviewer and Markup – ArchiCAD projects made the roundtrip to the Web and back without the use of cumbersome third-party hosting solutions or additional applications.

“You know how to draw in Autocad?…”

“You know how to draw in Autocad? Yes, of course, but there is a program…” In 2001 I went to ask for work in the office of public works. The manager asked me: -You know how to draw in Autocad? -Know how to use the pens and colored pencils? – I answered: – Yes, of course, but there is a program … you should see what it does. I showed him some projects that had been developed in ArchiCAD 7 that showed everything that could be done. After that, he wanted all projects done in ArchiCAD.

Carlos López Figueroa, Mexico

GRAPHISOFT releases GDL Object Tool kit

In a move to speed the adoption of its GDL file format in the building and construction industry, GRAPHISOFT releases four new GDL Object Tools; GDL object technology is the heart of ArchiCAD’s parametric objects. This robust set of plug-ins and applications allowed building component manufacturers to easily publish and distribute their entire product libraries electronically.

ArchiCAD 6.5

The launch of ArchiCAD 6.5 builds upon GRAPHISOFT’s 15-year leadership in 3D modeling, and confirms the company’s commitment to advancing the industry’s adoption of object-based, 3D architectural design. ArchiCAD 6.5 offered feature enhancements in four areas key to maximizing productivity and increasing the value of architectural work: modeling, documentation, collaboration and customization.

GRAPHISOFT relocates to Graphisoft Park

GRAPHISOFT believed that providing the world’s best architects with the world’s best software would be possible only if the company itself could operate in a first-class architectural environment. Today, Graphisoft Park is home to more than 60 tenants with over 2,000 employees working here. The Aquincum Institute of Technology, established by Gábor Bojár, is also located here.

ArchiCAD 6.0

ArchiCAD 6 is the most comprehensive upgrade to ArchiCAD since its launch in 1984. New features ­including direct 3D editing, database links, an open API, and a multitude of 2D drafting tools ­addressed every facet of architectural practice. Building upon GRAPHISOFT’s 15 years of leadership in 3D modeling, object technology and graphic user interface, ArchiCAD 6 was developed in response to the demanding needs of its over 45,000 worldwide users at the time.


GRAPHISOFT UK Ltd. was founded to reinforce GRAPHISOFT’s commitment to the second largest architectural CAD market in Europe. The new subsidiary was established to increase the presence of ArchiCAD in one of its longest established markets. Distribution partners succeed in placing ArchiCAD at the forefront of UK-based small to medium sized firms, but the development of ArchiCAD for Teamwork brought about the need for a new level of commitment to this important market.

ArchiCAD 5.1

ArchiCAD 5.1 introduces ArchiCAD for TeamWork, a revolutionary method for architects to share in designing and drafting entire 3D building models. ArchiCAD for TeamWork uses high level file sharing and is both network neutral and network independent. In order to minimize network traffic and allow team members to work off-line, ArchiCAD for TeamWork does not require a permanent connection with the master project.


From the moment I introduced ArchiCAD 4.55 my professional life changed in right direction. This tool was very friendly and gives to me freedom and possibilities for creating designs out of my imagination, saving my time in same time.

Ferhat Bejtullahu, Albania

ArchiCAD 5.0

Almost all of the features found in ArchiCAD 5.0 are the direct result of user feedback, focus groups and looking closely at the challenges facing the architectural profession and the building industry as they learned to put computers to work for them. GRAPHISOFT also shipped a new ArchiCAD compatible terrain modeler, ArchiSITE, to add landscaping and terrain modeling functionality to ArchiCAD 5.0.

GRAPHISOFT joins the International Alliance for Interoperability

GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD is one of the first to support the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI), established by the major AEC CAD companies. The IAI’s mission is to “define, promote and publish specifications for the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as a basis for information sharing through the project life cycle, globally, across disciplines and technical applications.”

ArchiCAD 4.5

ArchiCAD 4.5 wins the 1994 MacUser Editors’ Choice Award for the category “Best New CAD Software.” The award recognizes the best Macintosh hardware and software products of the year. By this time, ArchiCAD had been named the “best architectural CADD” for five years in a row by the Boston Society of Architects. Architectural Record said, “ArchiCAD is one of the few high-end packages designed from the ground up for Architecture. It shows.”

GRAPHISOFT Japan Co. Ltd. opens in Tokyo

GRAPHISOFT Japan Co. Ltd. opens in Tokyo to serve the second largest architectural CAD market in the world. GRAPHISOFT’s adoption of Japanese architectural conventions and the development of strategic alliances with some of Japan’s largest construction companies and CAD software distributors has resulted in ArchiCAD’s rapid success in Japan.

ArchiCAD 4.16

GRAPHISOFT adopts a cross-platform strategy as ArchiCAD 4.16 is released for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

GRAPHISOFT Deutschland is founded

GRAPHISOFT Deutschland is founded in Munich to serve Europe’s largest CAD market. At the time, the German-speaking market was home to some 60 competitors. Since then, ArchiCAD is consistently ranked among the Top 3 CAD software developers in Germany. With its closely-knit network of distributor partners, the subsidiary in Munich continuously strengthens its share of the German and Austrian markets.

GRAPHISOFT opens US office

GRAPHISOFT targets the heart of the global software industry by founding GRAPHISOFT US, Inc. in San Francisco, introducing ArchiCAD to the largest CAD market in the world.

ArchiCAD 3.0

ArchiCAD 3.0 is launched, introducing colors. In addition, GRAPHISOFT launches its Virtual Building concept – the first integrated building information system.

Love at first sight

Demo’ed this at the Apple Store in Shelburne, Vermont. Couldn’t believe that such a cool architectural product was MADE for the MAC! Had to borrow a Mac IICi to practice with version 3.0 before I could afford a better Mac and the software. Been using it ever since in my practice and teaching it at the University of Vermont since 2004. Only recently did I learn of Steve Jobs’ involvement and inspiration for this product on the Mac. My passion for this exquisite product burns on and on…

Ted Montgomery, United States

ArchiCAD 2.0

ArchiCAD 2.0, the first Macintosh version, featuring the integrated 2D and 3D modules, is the first version to be named ArchiCAD.


I remember learning ArchiCAD in Canada when I was at an exchange program during college, and when I came back to Mexico everybody was using 2D CAD software. Then we were asked to hand in a complete project presentation from 1 week to another. I was the only student that delivered high quality 2D documentation, 3D images and renderings. That was the moment when I discovered the power of ArchiCAD and how it will help me to rise above the competition.

Alan Enríquez, Mexico

GRAPHISOFT partners with Abvent S.A.

GRAPHISOFT partners with Abvent in France; Abvent becomes the most successful ArchiCAD distributor in the world.

Radar/Ch 1.0 Italian Manual

I translated the user manual of ArchiCAD’s first version (Radar/Ch) into Italian. That same year I sold three licences for the Apple Lisa computer.

Luca Beltrame, Italy

Steve Jobs and GRAPHISOFT

The relationship between GRAPHISOFT and Apple can be traced to the 1980’s, when Jobs came across the first version of GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD software at the 1984 CeBIT. His first impressions of the software led him to throw Apple’s support behind the development and distribution of ArchiCAD, including cash and computers at a time when GRAPHISOFT was a small company with limited resources. Apple also introduced GRAPHISOFT to its worldwide distribution network, which remains a cornerstone of the business today.

GRAPHISOFT launches ArchiCAD

GRAPHISOFT revolutionizes architectural design with the launch of ArchiCAD for the new Apple Macintosh. As far back as 1984, the pioneers were thinking beyond the mere digitalization of the drawing board; their vision took the form of a powerful product portfolio. The Virtual Building represented a milestone in CAD development that GRAPHISOFT’s competitors have long since recognized. The Virtual Building has established itself at the forefront of the AEC market under a new name: Building Information Modeling, or simply, BIM.

GRAPHISOFT is established by Gábor Bojár and István Gábor Tari

Founded in Budapest by Gábor Bojár and István Gábor Tari, GRAPHISOFT develops the world’s first 3D architectural modeling software for personal computers. Under Bojár’s management, GRAPHISOFT became one of the largest architectural CAD companies in the world. The 3D modeling program he created by exploiting the power of a calculator became the core technology for GRAPHISOFT’s flagship product, ArchiCAD, now used by over 100,000 architects worldwide, and distributed in 102 countries and 25 languages.